Find Your Roots Through DNA
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About Us


A team of knowledgeable genealogists, citizen scientists, geneticists and IT professionals knew that advances in DNA technology may be able to help those who were seeking unknown family members. A methodology was developed and is constantly being revised and updated as new developments in DNA research are discovered.  In 2012, was born under the direction of Rob Warthen, an IT professional and a Director of Product Development for an information technology solutions firm. We now bring you In 2015 DNAadoption and DNAGedcom became separate entities in order to provide more concentrated service to the community. Our main goal is to help others find those unknown ancestors.  Success in using DNA is now becoming a more common event, especially for adoptees.  A new world of adoptee searching is gaining momentum and we expect we will also see new discoveries in the world of genealogy as well.





 Patty Drabing, President

Patty, an adoptee,  a volunteer Search Angel. She is the President of She helps adoptees and birth families through the search and reunion process. She is also involved in helping those that have had DNA testing navigate their results. She owns yahoo adoption search and reunion groups, AdoptionSearchAngels, EMLA, AFS_Archives, Heavens_Helpers and Searching_in_Texas She also moderates BoothBabyAdoptionRegistry, CASR, Finding-in-Florida, Homesteadadoption, NWASR, Soaring Angels and AdoptionDNA_Tools. She's an avid genealogist and spends many hours in libraries and courthouses doing research. is associated with a well known Private Investigation firm.  She donates many hours of her time to DNAadoption She also has a background in real estate, sales and marketing.


Stephanie Wyatt, Vice President

Stephanie is the child of a Missouri born adoptee, a volunteer Search Angel and an Army Brat. When she isn't chasing after her children, she works as an Executive Director of a community foundation and was formerly an HR & Corporate Communications Specialist. She has worked in fundraising, public relations, and corporate policy development. Her skills support many of our planned activities. 



Mark Hyman, Treasurer & Secretary

Mark is an adoptee in partial reunion, still searching for his birth father and other relatives through genetic genealogy. He serves as a member of the DNAAdoption Board of Directors and as Secretary for the corporation. In his professional life, Mark is a senior counsel at AbbVie, Inc. in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he focuses on biotechnology patent law. He previously served as an assistant general counsel at Human Genome Sciences in Rockville, Maryland. Mark holds a JD from the University of Houston and a BS in Biological Sciences (concentrating in Genetics) from Cornell University.

 Mark was born in Albany, New York, raised in nearby Columbia County, New York, and currently resides in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, where he also is involved in municipal government. He is the father of an 11 year old son; his wife Carolyn is a special education advocate and former paralegal. When not building out family trees, you might find Mark at the racetrack with his Ariel Atom, scuba diving, downhill skiing, or just catching up with a book."



We don't want to forget where we came from either. With respect and admiration, we honor the work Diane Harman-Hoog put into DNAadoption. 


Diane Harman-Hoog, Co-Developer of Methodolgy used by

Diane is a retired systems analyst and senior IT manager for Microsoft, Novell and Boeing. Diane is an analyst for the team and developed the concept of the methodology supplied by She has formerly worked as a partner with to help define our product and scope along with the opportunities to proceed in this new field. As an experienced volunteer Search Angel and a professional genealogist, she has been researching DNA data and finding genealogical connections through that research.  Diane has been an entrepreneur with an eCommerce business, an online University and as a consultant for small business marketing and website design.